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Blessed Be

Our emotions change day to day
Memories too soon fade away
Decisions made are set in stone
Some are uneasy, some mind blown
We cannot change our past now
We would if we only could somehow
Thoughts haunt us good to bad
Smiles to tears, happiness to sad
Day to day we reunite with pain
Pray at night to recapture, regain
It may feel as though all is lost
It may feel like freedom too has cost
Most of all feel who you are
Escaped, but never have gotten far
Each day forward, a new day begins
Another chance to do no sin
Will you? Will you, can you win?
You think how the day may have been
Self-forgiveness, our biggest tool
Though we are our only biggest fool
Shed your skin like a slithering snake
Wash away all of your mistakes
Move forward, move on and on
Defeat the King with an infiltrated pawn
Yes, it is just a game, our mind of thoughts
It is what our soul has given and brought
You question, who are you and become?
You sit and wonder, high off of rum
I'm small, we all are in this world
We sit inside an oyster as a pearl
There's something bigger, it's all relative
There's always something more to give
Don't give up, don't give in to it
No more bruises but one last hit
Believe that tomorrow will be better days
Wear more color when you fade away
Chin up, smiles for miles around
Sit on your thrown, be proud of that crown
We only have one chance to make it right
Pray that soon will come, pray tonight

-Tamilyn Love

To read more of my poetry click here> #TLpoems
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