A Books by the Bay Report by Selah J. Tay-Song

The very first Books by the Bay book sale event was held on Sept. 21, 2014. It was a moderate success and we hope that it will only et better with each successive year. Selah J. Tay-Song, local WWP member, had a few things to share about her experience at the Book Fair.

My takeaway from Books on the Bay was this: There are more amazing books out there than I have time or money for! I wanted to buy so many beautiful books at this grand event!

And I wasn’t the only one–bookseller Village Books was pleasantly surprised by the steady stream of purchases rolling through their register all day long!

Concurrent with the non-stop sales were raffles, readings, panels and lots of friendly conversation with local readers. This event was not just authors selling to authors–far from it. I saw several familiar faces from the community, and met many new readers as well. It was fun to put on my “retail hat” for the day and chat with people about what kind of books they like to read. The best part was that if the answer wasn’t “epic fantasy” I could point them in the direction of the romance, historical fiction, YA, memoir, literary fic and other styles of authors I’d met over the weekend.

Many of the authors were familiar faces. Mike Hartner, debuting I, James beside his ribbons in two Chanticleer awards categories. Joannah Miley with The Immortal Game and her lovely ribbon. Jesikah Sundin with Legacy: The Biodome Chronicles and her gorgeous display. And Robert L Slater with All Is Silence, t-shirts, CD’s, and several other books I didn’t even know he had! Check out his impressive spread! Oh yeah there’s a ribbon in there somewhere too.

While I love my fellow local authors, it was also exciting to meet new authors. Like Candi Sary with her lovely book, Black Crow White Lie. And Thomas McDaniel with his thrilling near-future dystopian sci-fi, Encoded. And Award winning Christine Smith, author of More Faster Backwards, Rebuilding David B.

Those are just a few, there were so many more amazing authors at this event!

Ebook-DreamofaVastBlueCavern-BookCover_1600x2400Books on the bay was a wonderful success for me–I sold a few copies of Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern, bought a couple exciting books to add to my shelves, and picked up a mountain of bookmarks and business cards to check out at my leisure. Most of all, it was fun to step out of QaiMaj and into the “real” world for an afternoon!

Now, back to writing. These things don’t write themselves, you know…

Selah J Tay-SongSelah j. Tay-Song is living proof that if you persevere, you’ll catch your dreams. She decided to be an author at the age of 6, and started writing her first book at the age of 14. After twenty years of writing through self-doubt and insecurity, Selah published Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern, an epic fantasy novel described as brilliant, poetic and engrossing. When she’s not writing, she’s stalking the urban river otters that live less than a mile from her home in the Pacific Northwest.

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