About WWP

WWP is a professional organization of local writers, poets and publishers, as well as editors, graphic artists, and web designers–people of all levels and backgrounds–interested in producing, editing, publishing, and supporting the written word.

Based in Bellingham, Washington, WWP is open to anyone who is interested in writing, editing, or publishing.

The organization formally meets once a month (July, August, and December excluded) with a dinner/speaker event. Our dinner meetings include opportunities for professional development and meeting writers, publishers, editors, publicists, and more. Topics have included pitching your manuscript to New York publishers, self publishing and marketing, book design, web presence, and the life and times of local nationally renowned authors.

Speakers have included Laura Kalpakian (Memoir Club and American Cookery), Clyde Ford (Whiskey Gulf), Alice Acheson (editor to Jean M. Auel, author of The Clan of the Cave Bear), Jo Dereske (Miss Zukas mysteries), Alma Alexander (The Secrets of Jin-shei), and Chuck Robinson (co-owner of Village Books). Neophyte writers get to co-mingle with veteran writers to learn the hazards and joys of the trade. Veteran writers get to offer advice and even sell a few of their books.

Dues are $25 a year (see Become a Member). We have many Benefits of Membership. The organization is open to anyone interested in writing and publishing, including those just starting out. Come hang out with fellow like-minded enthusiasts of the written word!

Connecting Whatcom Writers, Books & Readers