Add your Books to be featured

The left sidebar has a new “featured book” widget which will cycle to a new book each time the page refreshes. This is a member perk. You must also create a member profile on the WWP website in order to use this feature. Once you are logged in to the site an have been granted the appropriate access (give us a few days as we have to do this manually), then you can go to the Book Manager and start submitting your books. If it’s been a while and you still don’t have access email

This feature is made possible by the handy Mooberry Book Manager plugin. A user manual is available to walk you through it.

Tips on adding your books:

  1. Please note that there are many little fields to fill out. The only thing you should be putting in the main text box is the description. Look down the right side of the screen under the blue publish/update button. Where it says “Cover” is where you upload the cover. Or it won’t display properly. Look at all the other fields there while you are at it. There are lots of things you can add about your book.
  2. Use the “Sub title” area to add your author name.  This plugin was built for a single author, so it does not have a section for authors. But the people at Mooberry who make the plugin are very responsive to suggestions and if you think of something please feel free to send them your suggestions. It may roll out on future updates if they like your idea.
  3. Uncheck the box for “allow comments” – that way if people want to say anything about your book, they will have to go write a review on a retailer site
  4. Add the publisher to your book description if you would like to include the name of your publisher. With so many different micro, indie and selfie presses out there it would be an overwhelming task to add them all from the admin side, sorry.

Please note, if you discontinue membership we may delete your entries, so keep your membership current to avoid this (don’t worry, we will give you a few reminders and warnings before this happens). This feature is for your own books. We reserve the right to limit use of this feature if we determine it is being abused.

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