Writers time to join up and get involved!

Its time for the 2012 WWP membership drive! If you have been meaning to join this is the perfect time to do it, and if you are already a member spread the word and encourage others to join.

Why is it such a perfect time to join?  Because any membership after July 1st counts toward next year–and gives you the last portion of this year at no charge!  

Standard membership dues are $25 per year for individuals, or $40 per couple. Memberships run from January 1st to December 31st. So by signing up now your membership will be good until December 31 2013!

Your membership fees support a valuable organization for the local Bellingham and Whatcom writing community.  We use them to pay for great speakers to come to our dinners.  On special occasions we subsidize the dinners to give you more without increasing the cost. We have big plans for the future–there are all kinds of events and resources we could create with your support. Before we can get there we need to grow, and bust out of our training wheels! For that we need to grow our membership.

And we need more than just your membership fees. To help us grow into something great we need your involvement.  We want your involvement.  Get on board and volunteer yourself for a committee or just help out at the door during a dinner. There are all kinds of things you can do, both big and small.

With your support and your involvement there are no limits to what the WWP could be for you and the community.

WWP Members place as Finalists in Writing Contest

Congratulations to our WWP members who placed as Finalists in the Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media Blue Ribbon Awards Contest for Published Novels 2012!

The contest’s finalists were announced at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference in Seattle on Saturday with the assistance of Penquin editor Tom Colgan.

  • All Finalists will receive blue ribbons to use in the promotion of the winning titles.
  • First place category announcements will be made by  August 10, 2012.

Below are the WWP members who made the Finalist Round 

    • Mainstream Category:  The Only Witness by Pam Beason
    • Historical Fiction:  Tree Soldier by Janet Oakley
    • Mystery Thriller: Endangered by Pam Beason
Below is the complete list of the Finalists:

Cozy Mystery

    • Liz Osborne, Dirty Laundry
    • Louise Wallace, Day Unto Day

Historical Fiction

    • J. L. Oakley, Tree Soldier  
    • Richard E. Schultz, The Dutch, Prelude to Their Golden Age 
    • Janet Shawgo, Look for Me


    • Pam Beason,  The Only Witness
    • Janet Shawgo, Look for Me


    • Pam Beason,  Endangered, a Sam Westin series
    • Mark Reutlinger, Made in China
    • Liese Sherwood-Fabre, Saving Hope


    • Cathy Greenfeder, Sacred Fires
    • Bobbi Groover, The Inn at Little Bend
    • Nancy LaPonzina, Nardi Point
Congratulations to these Finalists!
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Local Poet needs a Kickstart

Bellingham poet Matthew Brouwer has joined the ranks of the many who have used the popular Internet site Kickstarter to launch their dreams. Kickstarter is a way for the average person to become a patron of the arts, often for just a few dollars, and a way for artists and entrepreneurs to reach out to their public and trade their future works, goods, or services for dollars today–dollars which help fund and produce those future works.

Matthew’s Kickcstarter campaign will fund his upcoming poetry tour and release of his new book: The Gospel According to Matthew.  You can pay anything from $5 to have your name appear in the dedication of his book to $250 for a personal poetry reading anywhere in the Puget Sound region plus every other reward from each pledge level in between.

As we all know there isn’t a lot of money to be made as a poet so a successful Kickstart offers an opportunity for a poet to live their dream and keep a roof over their head and food in their belly.  If you would like to join the, as of this writing, 35 other people who have pledged $1,540 of the $5000 goal in support of Matthew and his poetry please click over to his Kickstarter Page for more information.

WWP Going Social

The WWP dinners have always been a great place to socialize with local writers and publishers from Bellingham and Whatcom County.  In keeping with this tradition we are finally bringing our social scene to the Interwebs!

We now have:
If you have an account on any of those platforms (or if you have been meaning to make one) come and add us to your Circles/Join us/Follow us. We would love to see you.  WWP membership not required, although we cannot guarantee that you not want to rush out and sign up for membership when you see how wonderful we are!

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