Fishing With Hyenas

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FISHING WITH HYENAS is a love story between girlie girl Theresa and commercial fisherman Captain Bart, who convinces her to crew on a ninety-two-foot tuna boat plying the North Pacific Ocean. Trading cashmere and high heels for raingear and rubber boots, she becomes a deckhand, confined for three months at a time, thousands of miles from anywhere. Bart’s tight group of fishermen—the Hyenas—become her extended family, but no one explains what appalling weather and hauling thousands of pounds of tuna would do to her hands.

Or to her heart. Or to her mind.

After nine months on the water, Theresa returns to life on land. But when Bart finds another tuna boat, he heads back out to Mother Ocean. “See you soon,” are the last words he says to her. Three days later, Bart dies of a massive heart attack.

Grief, financial devastation, and a lawsuit follow, but it is the family of Hyenas who help her pull through. FISHING WITH HYENAS is the true story of how it all started and the tale of what happened next.


My watch had come and gone in no time. I had been in bed about twenty minutes when Mario was at our stateroom.

"Bart? Hey, Bart! The engine stopped!" Mario yelled through our stateroom curtain. "What? What happened?" Bart yelled back in a panic.

He was still half-asleep as he bolted out of bed and threw on his clothes.

"We are dead in the water. The low oil pressure alarm went off just before the engine stopped," Mario said as he followed Bart to the engine room.


"Oh, shit," was all I heard out of Bart's mouth as they both ran down the narrow stairs.

I sat up in disbelief. How could this be? With all the things that could go wrong out here. Our MAIN ENGINE? God help us.

Reviews:Michele Longo Eder on wrote:

“Theresa Mathews writes with courage, authority, and humor—She knows what she’s talking about in the world of commercial albacore fishing. Her reverence for those who ply their trade on the ocean shines through, as does her love for her late Captain and partner, Bart. ”
Michele Longo Eder, author of Salt in Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fisherman’s Wife

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