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All About the Blog Tour

Read: Jump On Board the Blog Tour
by MaryAnn F. Kohl,
from The Independent, IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association,

MaryAnn Faubion Kohl, author-educator-publisher-agent-presenter-consultant, wrote this article for the monthly journal The Independent published by the Independent Book Publishers Association. She was on their board of directors at the time.

MaryAnn launched her own blog tour and found that it may have reached 1.5 million+ followers of blogs. To quote MaryAnn, “It’s almost unbelievable! I hope this article helps other independent publishers and authors get on board a blog tour. I have to say, that the planning and record keeping is intense, but the reach of followers is worth it. I had a spike in sales that shook my distributor, Legato (part of Publishers Group West)!”

Hint: Join IBPA if you want amazing coop programs for marketing and advertising and all kinds of help becoming a successful independent publisher! There are many free articles and resources about publishing on their website:

Sneak Preview of Alice Acheson and a Recipe for Publishing Success

As you may know, Alice Acheson will be speaking at our Februay 11th dinner and speaker meeting sharing her secret “Recipe for Publishing Success.” Alice is a Book Marketing/Publicity Specialist and  a fantastic coach for writers who want to ensure a successful book launch. Her advise helped WWP member Robert L. Slater enormously when he was publishing his book All is Silence.

I asked Alice a question to see if I could get a sneak preview of whatever words of wisdom she will be offering us during her February presentation.

Question: Is there a particularly notable marketing for a recent book you wish to recommend — and why?

Alice’s Answer: A weekly online newsletter I have been admiring can be found by going to On the home page click the button “Linda’s Weekly Newsletter.” Each week, to enrich the reader’s experience, she shares something about her life, her dogs, and/or the background for BESPOTTED: My Family’s Love Affair with Thirty-Eight Dalmatians (Counterpoint; 9/9/14).  By “subscribing” you will receive a message, once a week in your online mail box, with Linda’s Newsletter” in the subject lineplus the topic of the week.  To receive the full benefit of her messages, I suggest you email <>to request the back issues.   

All authors should do the same self-marketing, beginning just prior to the official publication date! Your best and most supportive advocates are already in your email address book. 

Don’t miss out on all of Alice’s great advice at the upcoming Dinner and Speaker meeting.