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New Website Features

There are a few new features on the website which members should take advantage of. Most notably our new member directory. The directory is alphabetical by first name but it is also searchable. You can search for a name, or a genre, or a business service you are looking for.

If you are a WWP member (remember that memberships run September to September so it is time to renew) you can and create your own profile.  You will get a confirmation email after you have been verified as a member and once you click on the conformation link you will be visible on the directory.

The really exciting thing about it is you will also start showing up on the left side bar randomly as a “Featured Author” which will link to whatever website you entered into your profile.

A few tips for making your profile:

  • The “username” cannot have spaces, this is a login ID not the place for your name
  • The “anti-spam question” is an equation. The answer to the equation is what you enter int he box.
  • Make sure you add a profile photo or your featured spot on the website will be a mystery man icon.
  • Make sure you add the website you want your featured spot to point to. You can add other links in your bio which allows HTML, so you can make them links (Tutorial how to make a clickable link with HTML)

There are a few new webpages on the site that will require you to be logged in to view them. “Submit an Announcement” and more to come. You will be able to click the link but the website will prompt you to login before letting you proceed.

One more thing you might notice is a “Featured Books” on the left sidebar. This is just a test at the moment. This particular feature will take a lot of work and data entry, so we are still figuring out the best way to do it. Once it is fully functional and ready for entries we will let members know.

Hope you enjoy all the new and exciting things to see on the website. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us.