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Exciting New Writing Classes at WCC

The Community & Continuing Education department of Whatcom Community College recently partnered with Village Books to create Chuckanut Writers—a series of writing and marketing classes…for writers! Each academic quarter they will have new classes. Half of them take place once a week for 2-6 times. The other half are one-day-only events. Below is a list of the classes for the fall quarter. Go to the WCC Community Education page and look for Chuckanut Writers to register for classes. Continue reading Exciting New Writing Classes at WCC

Jump Start Your Memoir at WCC

Spend a fun evening creating a road map for your memoir! In this inspiring workshop for both beginning and experienced writers, you’ll learn imaginative new tools to fuel your passion for your life story.  Exploring your past and present, you’ll discover fresh ways to express yourself on the page—and also receive guidance to develop the clarity and vision to finish your memoir! Instructor Susan Colleen Browne is the author of a memoir, Little Farm in the Foothills; her latest book is a novel, Mother Love.

The workshop takes place May 6, 6-9pm. Any questions? Email Susan at

The World of Self-Publishing Workshop

Date and Time: April 22 & 29, 2014, 6-8:30 pm
Location: Whatcom Community College
Fee: $65

Interested in self-publishing your book? In this interactive class, you’ll learn practical strategies to help you get started! We’ll cover the essentials of print publishing, including costs, real-world sales figures and profits, as well as book marketing hooks and other promotional tips.
We’ll also discuss publishing eBooks—formatting, royalties, where to sell your eBook, and how self-publishing can jump-start your writing career. Instructor Susan Colleen Browne is the author of six self-published books; her latest is a novel, Mother Love.