Executive Board & Volunteers

For general enquiries about the WWP or the website, email info@whatcomwritersandpublishers.org

President: Vacant (we are actively recruiting!)

Vice President: Vacant (we are actively recruiting!)

Membership Secretary: Rachel Andrews, Author & Poet

Treasurer: Carol Schultz
Author of Crossing the Void, My Aphasic Journey.
(we are actively recruiting, as Carol would like to retire)

PR and Community Relations:

Redd Becker, Travel Writer & Book Reviewer

Newsletter Editorial Team: 

Sara Stamey – Author of The Ariadne Connection

Web & Communications Team:


Event Planning Committee: 

Redd Becker

Rachel Andrews

Speaker Seeker Committee:

Janet Oakley – Author of Timber Rose

Jes Stone – Author https://mgpharmacie…-ligne/

Pamela Beason – Author of the Summer Westin Mystery Series and more.

Hospitality Team: (we are actively recruiting!)

Jack McKee – RSVP Co-ordinator – Author of Wood Shop for Kids

Alice Robb

Loretta Williams

Event helpers: Jennifer Mueller (we are actively recruiting!)

Meeting helpers: —– (we are actively recruiting!)

Members at Large:

Pam Beason – Author of the Summer Westin Mystery Series and more.

Sean Dwyer
Writer and organizer/host of the local Write Out field trips.


We need volunteers for the following:

President & Vice President: Basic duty, making sure everyone else is doing their jobs. Delegation. Stepping in to substitute for another position if required.

Event Planning: Volunteers for getting stuff done to see that our events run smoothly and to start putting on more events under the WWP banner.

Treasurer: Collecting fees and keeping track of the monies. Small amount of organization and paperwork involved.

Website & Social Media Team: Helping make the website a more rich and wonderful experience for our members.

Hospitality Committee: Greeting people at events, checking them in, making them feel welcome.

Contact us if you are interested!