Executive Board & Volunteers

For general enquiries about the WWP or the website, email info@whatcomwritersandpublishers.org

President: Vacant (we are actively recruiting!)

Vice President: Vacant (we are actively recruiting!)

Membership Secretary: Rachel Andrews, Author & Poet

Treasurer: Carol Schultz
Author of Crossing the Void, My Aphasic Journey.
(we are actively recruiting, as Carol would like to retire)

PR and Community Relations:

Redd Becker, Travel Writer & Book Reviewer

Newsletter Editorial Team: 

Sara Stamey – Author of The Ariadne Connection

Web & Communications Team:

Amanda June Hagarty – Amanda, teaches what she knows as an author platform specialist. She is also a self-published SFF author.

Event Planning Committee: 

Redd Becker

Rachel Andrews

Amanda Hagarty

Speaker Seeker Committee:

Janet Oakley – Author of Timber Rose

Jes Stone – Author

Pamela Beason – Author of the Summer Westin Mystery Series and more.

Hospitality Team: (we are actively recruiting!)

Jack McKee – RSVP Co-ordinator – Author of Wood Shop for Kids

Alice Robb

Loretta Williams

Event helpers: Jennifer Mueller (we are actively recruiting!)

Meeting helpers: —– (we are actively recruiting!)

Members at Large:

Kathy Brown 
Please feel free to contact Kathy if you have any questions about the WWP or would like too discuss special projects. Kathy is also the director of Chanticleer Book Reviews.

Pam Beason – Author of the Summer Westin Mystery Series and more.

Sean Dwyer
Writer and organizer/host of the local Write Out field trips.


We need volunteers for the following:

President & Vice President: Basic duty, making sure everyone else is doing their jobs. Delegation. Stepping in to substitute for another position if required.

Event Planning: Volunteers for getting stuff done to see that our events run smoothly and to start putting on more events under the WWP banner.

Treasurer: Collecting fees and keeping track of the monies. Small amount of organization and paperwork involved.

Website & Social Media Team: Helping make the website a more rich and wonderful experience for our members.

Hospitality Committee: Greeting people at events, checking them in, making them feel welcome.

Contact us if you are interested!

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