Fall Writing Marathon with Dawn Groves

Dawn Groves has been leading her own version of Richard Louth’s “New Orleans” style writing marathon for several years. She includes light structure and guidance via lecturettes and optional challenges throughout the day.  Participants set goals as a large core group. Then everyone spits into small groups to sit in restaurants and coffee spots where they eat, write, and share their way through the highs of lows of the day. Each hour-long period contains uninterrupted writing time as well as optional sharing without comment. Socializing, eating and walking are encouraged as long as they are in the service of WRITING.

Participants are often surprised at how quickly the time goes by as
well as how much they get done. It’s a great big push. Won’t you
join us?

Website for more info:

Date: Oct 18, 2015
Time: 8 AM
Location: Book Fair Cafe, Fairhaven
Cost: $79

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