May is National Short Story Month

May is National Short Story Month, aka NaShoStoMo. So if you like to write short stories, this is your month!

Just like April’s National Poetry Writing Month, NaShoStoMo also has a goal of 30 in 30 days. Some people, especially us procrastimasters, may think this number is overly ambitious.  But these are not supposed to be perfectly-crafted, ready-to-publish short stories. Think of it like any writing exercise–it’s just geared to get you writing.

Some Tips for churning out 30 short stories in a month:

  • Don’t edit, just write.
  • Each day start a new story even if the last one isn’t finished.
  • Stumped for ideas? Try a writing prompt like
  • Don’t stop just because you missed a day–22 is still an accomplishment!

If you don’t feel up to 30 stories in 30 days, there are lots of other ways to celebrate short stories. You can write just one or two stories, or work on old unfinished stories. Even if you are not a short story writer you can show your support by picking up an anthology and reading some short stories. You can also join the #storysunday Twitter discussion where people share their favorite short stories.

What are you doing for National Short Story Month?

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