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Welcome members, new and old

Remember that memberships run September to September, you can check with if you are not sure of your membership status. Remember to fill out our membership form if you haven’t already.

This page will help you take advantage of all the website has to offer and help you stay connected to your writing community.

The first thing you want to do is create a profile

A profile will get you listed in the member directory. The directory is alphabetical by first name but it is also searchable. You can search for a name, or a genre, or a business service you are looking for. Your profile will also get you featured in the side bar under “Featured Member” periodically. This changes to a new random profile every time the page refreshes and clicking on it will take a visitor directly to your webpage.

So create your own profile now and take advantage of these features.

A few tips for making your profile:

  • The “username” cannot have spaces, this is a login ID not the place for your name
  • The “anti-spam question” is an equation. The answer to the equation is what you enter int he box.
  • Make sure you add a profile photo or your featured spot on the website will be a mystery man icon.
  • Make sure you add the website you want your featured spot to point to. You can add other links in your bio which allows HTML, so you can make them links (Tutorial how to make a clickable link with HTML)

There are a few new member-only features on the site that will require you to have a member profile, so make sure you set that up. Submit an Announcement or Contribute to the Blog or Add your Books are members features you don’t want to miss.

If you are a returning member and already have a profile:

Request VerificationMake sure to re-activate your profile by requesting verification. Once you are verified your profile will show up on the membership list and in the featured member spots again. You will also be able to make blog posts again.

We are glad to have you back!

Next you need to subscribe to our mailing list

You can’t always remember to check the website for the latest speaker information. So we send out emails to remind you, usually twice a month. Once in a “Newsletter” at the beginning of the month, and then a second time in a quick reminder email the week before the event. So don’t miss out, subscribe to the email list today.

Other than those two regular emails we will very occasionally send out important information. We promise not to bombard you with emails and there is also an easy link for you to unsubscribe if you ever feel like it’s too much.

If you have already signed up and are not getting the emails, first check your spam folder (or if you are using gmail, check your “promotions” folder). You can try adding to you address book to prevent your email system from marking it as spam.


Check out our Facebook Group and our Google Plus Community for social media community with your fellow Whatcom Writers.

Participate in so many ways

You can participate by volunteering, which we are always in need of for day to day stuff, events, etc. Just come to a meeting and talk to a board member or contact one of our board members by email.

Also, you can see your events, advice, articles, poetry, whatever up on the WWP website by submitting a contribution or  an announcement for the blog. Not only will it be posted on our blog but it will also be highlighted in our newsletter and posted on our Twitter feed.

Finally, you need to come and join us for dinner

Our regular Dinner and Speaker events are the life blood of our organization. They are fun, informative, and a great way to meet and catch up with other local writers. If you really want to feel like a part of the group, then come on and join us for a fun night out.

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