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Mystery/Detective, Short Story, Memoir, =Poetry=, =Children's=
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery/Detective, Science Fiction, Young Adult

I am of mixed heritage, Coastal Salish Native and Swedish, Irish, German background. I grew up on Swinomish Indian Reservation in the 40s and 50s. A great,greatgrandfather signed on the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855; I've also been able to trace other family line back to Kansas, and Tennessee to the early 1700-1800s. I walk with my feet in two worlds, that of my father's and my mothers people. I hold two Masters Degrees -- one in Anthropology and the other School of Social Work and worked in Human Services 16 years, and 9 years in mental health counseling and the remainder working for tribal government.

Editing, Design, Pre-press
I am retired from the counseling field and looking to expand my background into writing for pleasure and starting a new career in my retirement years.
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