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Memoir, Self-help

Writing at a desk was the last thing on my mind as I grew up. I was raised in Boy Scout Camp Bradford in Indiana, graduated from Indiana University in Recreation, worked in youth camps and Outward Bound, was an outdoor teacher and a taxidermist helper. My husband and I were merchants and outdoor skill instructors while we owned Base Camp, Inc. in Bellingham.

But life turned an unexpected course when an aphasia stroke took my words - my ability to speak, read and write. Then, writing became important. I wanted others to understand the social and psychological aspects of being wordless and to share the recovery process I experienced . "Crossing the Void: My Aphasic Journey" is my story.

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Please use me as a resource to any you meet who touch the aphasia dilemma. It is always a pleasure to meet with aphasia victims and caregivers to give encouragement, share resources, and discuss the recovery methods that worked for me.
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