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Matthew Thuney: Mystified Scribe
Matthew wrote his first book, The Egg, when he was five years old. That is, if you can call a disjointed ten-page ramble about a mother dinosaur in search of her son (somehow attacking and sacking Chicago in the process) a book. Undeterred, he's been writing ever since.
The past 30 years or so have seen Matthew scribbling humor and human interest pieces and crafting political blogs for consumption in the Pacific Northwest.
Besides the printed word, he has also shared a long-standing love affair with radio. In fact, he even attended the Columbia School of Broadcasting in San Francisco. While he truly enjoyed writing news copy and coming up with funny on-air segments, Matthew just didn't have the gift of gab back then to keep up the requisite DJ patter.
Spiritually, Matthew has always been a student and seeker. Early on, it looked as though his path would lead to the Episcopal ministry. Luckily for the Episcopal Church, that path turned into a 40-year detour.
But everything started falling into place when Matthew and his wife moved to the hinterlands of northwest Washington. Lo and behold, he rediscovered his journalistic muse, reporting on his bumbling attempts to adapt to country living; He rediscovered his radio voice when a small band of crazed volunteers fired up a community radio station; and he rediscovered his spiritual roots as new friends and neighbors approached Matthew to give eulogies and even preside over the marriages of loved ones.
Who'da thunk it?
Certainly not his long-suffering spouse, who thankfully remains at his side. Nor their puzzled families, who long ago gave up trying to figure Matthew out. Nor their two-and-a-half cats, who are always giving him quizzical looks that seem to say, "What the heck are you up to now?" or "Where's the treats?" or "Will you sit down already--I need a lap."

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Writing and editing biographical material and profiles; creating blogs, articles and thought pieces with a political, spiritual, human interest perspective; social commentary. All with a pinch of humor and in a concise, conversational style.
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