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Are you a member? Do you have an announcement, event, or contest of interest to WWP members? Submit it here. See the guidelines below for advice on creating an optimal post.

Please note: We publish submissions at our discretion, and may turn down a submission for various reasons. We may also ask you to edit the post before we approve it for publication. If you just created your member profile, please give us a few days to get you set up for this feature. If it’s been a while and you still don’t have access, email

If you are not a member, you can gain access to the submission editor by becoming a member and creating a profile. If you do not wish to pay our low annual membership fee, we currently allow non-member posting on our Facebook group, but keep in mind the group is for community engagement, not merely promotion.


  1. Write announcements in the third person. Eg: “Mary Smith is a fiction author who writes contemporary women’s fiction. She will be reading her upcoming book TIME TELLS this Saturday at….”
  2. Use an image. Click the “Add Media” button at the top left of the post editor to add a photo–if you have uploaded the image before please choose “Media Library” and choose the image there, rather than upload it again. Please only upload images you are allowed to use, and make sure to give credit where credit is due.
  3. Use links. The link icon button at the top of the edit screen allows you to insert a link. Link to an event page, or a book page, or website to make it easier for readers to access more information.
  4. Add all the details. Especially for events and contests. Don’t forget to include times and locations for dates. Contest deadlines.  Fees and costs. Etc.
  5. Use Categories and Tags. Use 1-2 Categories to have your submission show up in the appropriate places like “member announcements”, and use whatever tags you like–tags are like keywords.
  6. Content guidelines: Keep it on topic, relevant, and noteworthy. Keep it brief and brilliant–shorter bite-sized posts will get more attention. Make sure you have permission to publish any content that you do not own the copyright to, and give credit where credit is due.
  7. Types of Submissions: Feel free to submit anything within the realm of reading, writing, and publishing. Submissions will be posted to the WWP blog for public consumption. You may submit a poem or piece of writing. You may submit a book review. You may submit an article. You may submit an event or announcement that you would like to promote. Please make sure announcements are noteworthy. Don’t just announce you have a book. Announce its release date, or a scheduled reading. If you enter a contest, please limit the number of times you announce the same books, stages through the same contest. All submissions will be held for moderation and approval. We may turn down a submission if we decide it is not a good fit.

This submission system has been put into place to reduce the workload on volunteers, so please use it. If you can’t figure out how to use this system see this instruction article & video, or ask in our Facebook group. You can also post your announcements to the Facebook group if you want a quick and easy alternative.

Request VerificationHelp Tip: If you try to follow the steps to make a post and don’t seem to have permission. Check to see if your profile is verified. If you are a brand new member, this may take a little time. If you are a lapsed member, you may need to renew your membership. If you are all paid up and your account is not verified, you can click the request verification button and the people in charge of that will get an email notification. If you are verified and still cannot, email

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