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South Fork Authors Autumn Showcase

Van Zandt Community Hall
Van Zandt Community Hall

Welcome to South Fork Authors Autumn Showcase, an opportunity for local authors to share and promote their work.

Yes, folks, the April event was so well received that we’ve been called back for an encore! And just in time for literary customers to shop for the book lovers on their holiday lists.

Couple of changes: The front of the Hall will be sectioned off as a “Green Room” where authors can introduce themselves and conduct readings apart from the hubbub in the main hall. Unfortunately, this will limit vendor space, so please plan ahead and sign up soon!

 Time: Saturday, November 19, 2016, 1:00 to 3:00pm. (Author setup starts at noon, and participants are requested to sign up by October 15—space is limited, so the sooner the better!)

Location: The Van Zandt Community Hall, 4106 Valley Highway, Deming, Wash. (corner of Highway 9 and Potter Road).

Contact: Matthew Thuney, bucolia018@gmail.com, 360-305-6939 (voice/text).

This event is sponsored by the South Fork Valley Community Association (SFVCA, Deming, Wash.) and hosted by SFVCA Communication Coordinator and freelance writer Matthew Thuney (author of Bucolia: Hijinx in the Hinterlands).

Participating authors will be given the use of a table (or half-table, depending on the number of participants) on which to display their books and promotional materials. Book sales are encouraged, and each author will act as his/her own cashier.

Additionally, time permitting, authors will be given 10-15 minutes to introduce themselves in the “Green Room” at the front of the Hall and read passages from their works.

Both tables and time slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fees: Each participant will be charged a $10 table/half-table fee, and it is requested that 10% of book sales be donated to the SFVCA for maintenance of the Hall and scheduling/promotion of future events. Please send payment by check (payable to South Fork Valley Community Association) to: SFVCA, c/o Amy Margolis, Treasurer, 5465 Potter Rd., Deming, WA 98244. Electronic payment can be made via the KAVZ-LP 102.5FM website by visiting www.kavzradio.org and clicking on the “Donate” button (KAVZ is a subsidiary of the SFVCA). If you find it in your heart to donate more than the $10 fee to KAVZ or the SFVCA, you will be warmly welcomed as an honorary citizen of Bucolia with all the rights and privileges associated therewith. Which will likely be legion once we come up with them.

Authors are encourage to bring tasty snacks for patrons. Admission is free to the public.

Questions? Suggestions? Please let me know if you need any further information or have ideas for promoting South Fork Authors Autumn Showcase.

On behalf of the South Fork Valley Community Association, all of our fellow avid readers and writers, and everyone committed to supporting the local economy and its creative contributors, thank you for your interest and participation!

Wishing you all the best from the heart of Bucolia,

Matthew Thuney

Kirk Smith talks about “lab lit” at Village Books

VanessascurveofmindJoin local author Kirk Smith
in the Readings Gallery at Village Books
1200 11th Street, Bellingham, WA
September 22, 2013 at 4:00 PM for a description of a new literary genre and a brief reading from his new novel, Vanessa’s Curve of Mind.
He’s been telling WWP he writes lab lit fiction for over a year; now he’ll explain what it is, give some examples, and tell how he got interested in it and decided to write a lab lit novel himself.
Readers who are interested in science or like to read fiction, or both, should look into “lab lit” novels with stories about realistic scientists doing realistic scientific research. Only fiction can take a reader into scientists’ minds, revealing what they really think and feel. Biographies just report what they say and write, and books about science usually describe only the finished products of research. Surprisingly, stories about research can be as exciting as many good novels. Kirk will describe several lab lit novels and read from his new novel about Vanessa Trippett, a graduate student in neuroscience.
Author: Kirk Smith is a retired research psychologist, who worked in both government and industry laboratories for seven years before joining the faculty of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During his 23 years as a professor of psychology, he taught cognitive science and statistics to both undergraduate and graduate students. He now lives in Bellingham with his wife Ann. He blogs about his favorite subject at FictionAboutScience.com.

WWP Members place as Finalists in Writing Contest

Congratulations to our WWP members who placed as Finalists in the Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media Blue Ribbon Awards Contest for Published Novels 2012!

The contest’s finalists were announced at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference in Seattle on Saturday with the assistance of Penquin editor Tom Colgan.

  • All Finalists will receive blue ribbons to use in the promotion of the winning titles.
  • First place category announcements will be made by  August 10, 2012.

Below are the WWP members who made the Finalist Round 

    • Mainstream Category:  The Only Witness by Pam Beason
    • Historical Fiction:  Tree Soldier by Janet Oakley
    • Mystery Thriller: Endangered by Pam Beason
Below is the complete list of the Finalists:

Cozy Mystery

    • Liz Osborne, Dirty Laundry
    • Louise Wallace, Day Unto Day

Historical Fiction

    • J. L. Oakley, Tree Soldier  
    • Richard E. Schultz, The Dutch, Prelude to Their Golden Age 
    • Janet Shawgo, Look for Me


    • Pam Beason,  The Only Witness
    • Janet Shawgo, Look for Me


    • Pam Beason,  Endangered, a Sam Westin series
    • Mark Reutlinger, Made in China
    • Liese Sherwood-Fabre, Saving Hope


    • Cathy Greenfeder, Sacred Fires
    • Bobbi Groover, The Inn at Little Bend
    • Nancy LaPonzina, Nardi Point
Congratulations to these Finalists!
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