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URGENT: Only 61 Hours Left to Help our Whatcom Young Writers!

Local Whatcom kids and teens need your help! The Kickstarter campaign for the Whatcom Young Writers organization is $344 short of the goal it needs to hit by Sunday night.

Show these kids how much they are worth!
Show these kids how much they are worth! Click the logo above to go straight and their Kickstarter Campaign right now to donate!

What is the Whatcom Young Writers organization?

It is a 100% volunteer program which facilitates several weekly writing clubs, hosts open mic events, maintains partnerships with schools and other community organizations who work with young people, and strives to get the words and stories of our kids and teens out into the community.

Why do this? Because their words and stories MATTER. It is the mission of the Whatcom Young Writers to help develop the writing abilities of young people ages 8 to 18 and create opportunities to celebrate and share their words and stories with the greater community.

Did you know that, aside from the numerous writing clubs and activities for kids and teens, the WYW will also be having a Teen Writing Conference in conjunction with the Chuckanut Writers Conference?

So, back to the Kickstarter campaign…

This campaign is about publishing talented young writers in Whatcom County. It’s about putting poems and stories of local kids and teens into print, one word, one chapter, one book at a time.

It’s about paperback anthologies for local classrooms, filled with pieces of similar genre or theme. And an annual paperback literary journal for teens, Snippets from the Pens of Young Writers.

Outstanding submissions from hopeful kids are pouring in as we speak. Don’t these kids deserve another $344? If only 20 more people donated 20 dollars each that would be all it would take.

And where will this money go? Toward the printing costs, most of which is done locally. Anything extra will go to book launch celebrations, promotional materials, and other administrative fees. Remember this is 100% volunteer. Nobody is profiting here except the kids–who profit by the experience, confidence, and valuable knowledge they get out of the process.

Washington has been home to many many great writers, let’s help continue that tradition by giving our kids a head start. They are worth it!

Show these kids how much they are worth by donating now.