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March 14 – Terry Persun: Befriending the Giant: How Amazon can help you realize your publishing dreams

Befriending the Giant: How Amazon can help you realize your publishing dreams

Amazon is not only the largest online bookstore in the world, it’s the largest single publisher. Over 75 percent of all e-books are sold through Amazon. Every major publisher and most small publishers sell their books through Amazon. And Amazon has more programs to help authors publish than any other publisher. With over a dozen programs and imprints, Amazon may very well be important in your publishing career.

Terry Persun has been publishing poems, short stories, and novels since the 1970s and has worked with many publishers during that time. He also writes in multiple genres including science fiction, fantasy, thriller, crime, and mainstream fiction. As a member of the writing community, Persun continues to be involved with writers groups such as the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and Whidbey Island Writers Association. He has been a board member, conference director, agent and editor liaison, and has also helped in securing funds for particular projects.

When Amazon first came out with their Kindle Direct Publishing model, he began his interest in what Amazon was doing to help authors find an audience. He has spent many years watching Amazon grow their programs and reach out to authors, and has put that information into a succinct program aimed at helping every author find the right outlet for their work. Whether an author chooses to self publish, hybrid publish, or go the traditional route, Amazon has an opportunity available.

Time: 5:30 – 9:00 pm (Happy Hour prices apply from 5:30-6pm )
Location: Nicki’s Bella Marina
Upstairs in the Skyline Room
2615 S Harbor Loop Drive,  Bellingham, WA 98225

Cost: FREE (non-members are asked to join if attending more than 2 meetings per year).
Food: Order drinks and extra food (if desired) from the menu.

Seating is limited and if we underestimate the number of attendees it makes things difficult for the kitchen, wait staff and restaurant, which is graciously giving us our meeting space for free, so please RSVP.

Laughing and Learning with Laurel Leigh

Laurel Leigh helped WWP kick off the year “write” with talking about how to diagnose some of the issues authors are searching for in their manuscripts. Laurel had brilliant examples and anecdotes to share.  Check out Laurel’s website at www.LaurelLeighWriter.com. We had plenty of new members attend, and we bet they learned a ton. Everyone  is waiting with their pens ready to come to our October meeting with Terry Persun on “Exploring the Amazon Avenues for Authors.”


Joyful June Meeting for WWP

This past meeting was a bittersweet moment as it was our final meeting for the year.  Stefanie Winger from Barnes and Noble gave a wonderful talk to WWP about Nook Press and what it provides for authors. We look forward to coming back in September with even more fantastic speakers. Have a great summer!

President’s Update: What is new and exciting in the WWP

Dear WWP Members,

Attending WWP Monthly Dinner Meetings has never been easier! 

 A New Year, a New Meeting Place, and  a New Meeting Time:
What’s New?
Nicki's Bella MarinaWhat is New About Dinner?  The Selection!
  • You may order whatever you would like from the menu
  • You may order from the Nicki’s bar whatever you would like to drink.
  • Tips/Gratuities are NOT included.
What’s the Catch?  Place Dinner & Drink orders before 6:30.
  • So that the Speaker presenting is not interrupted or disturbed during her presentation by attendees placing orders, we advise that all orders should be placed before 6:30 with the servers.
  • Wear your name-tag so that the servers can match your order with you.
  • Check out Nicki’s menu before the meeting to expedite ordering.  
What Remains the Same?
  • Why? Because Nicki’s Bella Marina brings on staff according to our needs: dishwashers, servers, line-cooks, bartenders, etc.
  • They do not charge WWP for the room or demand guaranteed attendance numbers.
This month’s meeting topic is:

Is It Really All About Power, Money, Sex, and the Serial Comma?  

As presented by Carolyn Dale, writing and editing professor, Western Washington University.
Make sure that you reserve your seat today, if you haven’t already done so.
Attending WWP dinner meetings have never been easier now that Nicki’s Bella Marina is a proud sponsor of WWP!
Visit WWP’s website often for the latest news about our local writing community, writing contests, conferences, community events, Member benefits, Member news, and much, much more.  
As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or, more importantly, suggestions about Whatcom Writers and Publishers.
Kathy Brown